Silver Linning


It is greatly emphasized that “Every cloud has a silver lining”. A silver lining is a metaphor for optimism. Simply put, there is good in every bad! It is a huge bump on the road when one drops out of school and cannot continue with formal education for whatever reason. Most youth often feel like their dreams have been shattered, no more careers and all hope is gone. Well, Kyusa is here to encourage you that there is some good in being a school dropout: there is a silver lining on this dark cloud; don’t give up yet! Cheer up.
We believe that everybody is passionate about something and it is against this background that we empower youth to develop passion driven, sustainable careers. Being a school dropout does not eliminate or even reduce the passion that one has for something. We therefore encourage you to look within yourself and excavate that passion that is deeply buried; it’s about building onto what already exists and affirming it.


Kyusa looks to empower Out of school youth in urban slums and rural areas with employable skills, life skills and entrepreneurship skills including business development through our 8 weeks training program. We turn your mindsets of hopelessness to hope by encouraging you to take on passion driven careers that are able to earn you a living. So don’t lose hope; dream big!

A Go-Getter

EphyThe ability to stand by one’s word is in itself a gift not everyone possesses. It breeds a spirit of principle consequently enabling one stay on the right path towards the realization of their dreams.
Ephrance Nanyonga has been blessed with this gift. Passionate about swimming, travelling and nurturing people, the 20 year old, S6 leaver envisions a future bigger than eye has seen.
Before the Kyusa intervention, Ephrance was involved in a poultry project with a group of friends in pursuit to realization of her vision. This experience turned out to be the bench mark on which the interest in the Team Dynamics module arose.
While taking the program Ephrance was empowered to set SMART goals, manage herself, boost her confidence and foster her own independence which has made her a stronger leader among her peers at the Maisha Community Clubs where she serves as a manager for the kitchen section. The financial literacy training also empowered her to manage her finances and as a result her saving culture has greatly improved as she saves for future investment.
 As she intends to advance her studies with a Tours & Travel course. Ephrance has identified Piggery as a business venture, made a standard business plan and is taking necessary steps into its breakthrough so as to realize her immense vision for life.
Our Society is filled with a lot of leadership potential such as that within Ephrance. Only when we create platforms for them to blossom do we better the lives of the generations to come.
You cannot create a future for a generation, but you can create a generation for the future.


Raising Generations of Change Agents”


Andrew speaks 2One may have the most skills and greatest of strengths but such is an unfortunate man until they master how to use their skills as a raw material to earn them a living.
This vividly describes Andrew Ssemombwe before the Youth Outreach Program with Maisha &Kyusa. Richly blessed with cookery, electrical wiring, swimming & shoe making skills, Andrew lacked the knowledge on how to earn from them. All his businesses ideas in this regard did not live to turn into business opportunities consequently keeping him in the rat race.
While partaking the Kyusa program Andrew was greatly intrigued by the Business development module where he learnt how to turn his ideas into opportunities from whence he could earn a living. The records’ keeping in business training was a wake up call for him to track the happenings and earnings of his shoe making business.
Fortunately, he has been involved in shoe making business and intends to apply all the entrepreneurship skills that he has attained through the program effective immediately. He has also set his goals clearly and is steadfastly working towards accomplishing them.


The world has many Andrews today that need our intervention. Only with Kyusa can this intervention be made.   

Mind Your Business #1

By Ralph Karama
mind your business
Mind your Business! Is a statement I often hear. I then ponder and wonder what business these people refer to. The understanding many of us have of a business is one that sells cakes, clothes or even jewelry. Contrary to this, I believe our lives are our sole proprietorship.
Applicable to all businesses is the urgency to keep records. Today we handle the cash book as an essential business record. It is important for one to keep track of your income in flow, debit and credit not forgetting your balance. Now I am not talking about the income coming into your compartment because of selling something, but rather your personal income.
This right here is a sample of a cash book.
Opening Balance
Credit (Money Coming In)
Debit (Money moving Out)
Closing Balance
19th May
In this case Brenda started her day with twenty thousand, received fifty thousand and spent twenty five thousand. She therefore ended the day with forty five thousand Uganda shillings.
It is expedient for us to understand that “minding our business” involves keeping records of a number of things that happen in our lives. Finance being just one of them. Otherwise our businesses will fail. Well who wants an unsuccessful life?
So are you minding your business?
At Kyusa we empower out of school youth with business development skills including record keeping in business which can clearly be applied in our personal lives as demonstrated above.
It is much easier to prepare yourself for the future than preparing a future for yourself. Start now. Mind your business!


New scriptMost of us live our lives the way our parents lived theirs. We are told to follow family traditions. Statements like “this is how it has always been done” have been drummed in our ears so loud that we hear it every time we feel we want to try something else.
Knowing that I can write my own script according to my uniqueness yet not violating the universal principles is very liberating.
We were all created with a purpose. Finding that purpose and living according to it makes you stand out and not blend in.
I have heard it said that if any two things are the same, one is irrelevant. Why then do we live in a copy, paste mode? It is like trying to fit a square box in a round hole.
Rewriting your own script takes understanding who you are. It means you having to take a S.W.O.T analysis. Find out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  This self- examination is the answer to rewriting your own script.  The great philosopher Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living.”
Examine yourself by your values, beliefs, expectations, attitude and actions. This will give you the permission to live your life unapologetically. For it is when you find yourself, that you will be significant and not live in the shadows of other people.
At Kyusa, we cover Self Management as one of our modules and this has helped our Change Agents to discover their personalities and identify their passion. When you find yours, you will REWRITE YOUR OWN SCRIPT AND STAND OUT NOT BLEND IN.


UniqueThe greatest enemy of great is good,’’ your greatest enemy is yourself; the voice within that keeps telling you to be like other people. You then end up trying to be like others and live a mediocre life. You even labor so hard to dress like them, speak, walk and even produce the exact products when it comes to business.
A Congolese proverb says, “wood may remain ten years in water, but it will never become a crocodile.” You can never change who you are but can ignore it. You only declare yourself a slave when you decide to depend on other people’s opinions to drive your life instead of focusing on your creativity that God created you with.
If you have no plans for yourself, you shall only be part of other people’s plans which defies the greatness you ought to display. Trying to copy other people’s lifestyles has killed originality which would have birthed all good things according to John Stuart Mill. You need to resist imitation and live the unlimited life. You must learn to be yourself in everything that you do.
Imitation is limitation and no one ever becomes great by imitation. You therefore need to make your own impression and dare to be who you are in leadership, entrepreneurship, business, employment.
At Kyusa, we take the youth through modules like self management, planning, business development, creativity and innovation. We encourage our change agents to discover who they are so that they are able to serve their unique gifts to the world and live life out of their unique ability.
Therefore, let us partner in this venture of raising passion driven change agents who desire to be great by being who they are.
The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change…….Carl Rogers

Kyusa stories of transformation

A graduation speech written and delivered by the Kyusa change agents at their graduation:


We applied for the Kyusa program expecting the usual classroom setting with teacher -student approach; to our surprise, it was a creative form of learning with games, participation from students earning us more than just a certificate but an experience that can`t be exchanged for anything.  A certificate which is just a foundation to our new skills and abilities; which we are ready to illuminate into the practical and competitive world of today.
We have come to understand that learning can be fun and there are various ways to learn.
Special thanks to Noeline who spoke legitimate words to us from her life journey. I would like to thank Simon for covering the topic of responsibility and ability to handle stress, Ronah; for remarkable communication skills; Racheal for encouraging us to value different cultures in society plus financial literacy, Ralph; for his overflowing words of wisdom that lifted our understanding to another level and Raymond; for training us about emotional intelligence.
Let me also take the opportunity to salute my teammates for working so hard and being able to tackle all the assignments given to us by our trainers. You will always be part of my memories and together we are part of the Kyusa memories. I will not say goodbye because I know we will meet again in the corridors of life.
 Kyusa is the reason behind the transformed change agents. Words cannot express our gratitude but all we can say is THANK YOU and may you continue with your wonderful work of transforming the youth of Uganda.
 Kyusa, May God bless you.

Break The Cycle

images (7)Growing up, you desired to be wealthy. You were lucky enough to go through school, a chance you ought to be thankful for.
 While there, you fought battles in your mind of how you would excel amidst the increasingly competitive world.
Soon enough school was done and you realized one of the ways up the ladder of success was entrepreneurship. You started a business short of a documented business plan but rather one of mental processes where your business model canvas is none other than your mind and BOOM!!You were into business.
Two months down the road you still have to call Cousin Harry for twenty thousand for re-investment into your business. Sister Molly still bails you out on the weekly airtime for your personal phone bills not forgetting Uncle Mark who is now on your speed dial for lunch money. Why?
You did not follow principle. You played dumb to the principle of Record Keeping. You took for granted the importance of documenting your business plan so as to periodically evaluate it.
You despised how imperative it is for your drawer to contain a cash book, stock book and other essential business records. You aren’t unlucky cursed or a failure. Life simply desires that you learn what you do not know for the good of your business.
Many young people venture or even desire to venture into various businesses but often negate the importance associated with proper record keeping systems. At Kyusa, through our Business Developmentmodule, keen emphasis is placed on the essential records ought to be kept in business straight from the planning through to the implementation stages with the intention of avoiding major set- backs in businesses thus enabling them thrive.
It is unfortunate that the cycle of many young people falling prone to unsuccessful businesses due to poor record keeping systems goes on and on.


Break the cycle today, enroll for the program today.

Quick Tips To Succeeding In Life By Kyusa Executive Director

DSC_3601As the  Kyusa February class comes to an end, we draw special attention to a talk made by our team leader, Noeline Kirabo to the change agents  at Jable training Centre in Bugolobi on how she has made it this far in life.
·         Know what you want; Not knowing what you want is dangerous and you will never know when you have arrived or achieved it. Therefore everything you want to achieve must be clear and specific. When its clear and specific then it is achievable.
·         Make SMART goals; goals have to be set at every point of our lives and they should be SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. For example, a goal to enroll for a hair dressing course for 1 year and it costs 1 million. The question you need to ask yourself is how will you get that amount of money, will you need to save up for it
·         Time management; This is a resources that can`t be replaced therefore needs to be used wisely. Schedule out your appointments, tasks at home, with friends and at work. Be productive with your time.
·         Consistency; Develop a culture of consistency .Discipline yourself to achieve tasks and goals. For example, a goal to read a book each month, be consistent and next year the habit will be apart of you.
·         Work within your means; Don`t try to impress people who don`t care. Know what goals need to be achieved and work on them per your budget.
·         Dream big and be willing to start small because you have go to start from somewhere. Empires are not built in one day. When you dream, begin with the end in mind however implement the dream within your means.
·         Be a lifelong learner and not a student. A learner acquires information from anywhere at anytime and is not restricted to a classroom setting. However, the student will most likely learn from a classroom setting which is limiting as there is so much knowledge in books, social media, work places, etc.
·         Be accountable to someone. The notion of having an accountability partner might be new or sound queer to some people however it is a good practice to have someone breathing down your throat. Accountability partners help keep you on course, ask tough questions, bruise you and mend you at the same time for your own benefit.
·         Find the right balance in life; the right balance between life and work, school and home, family and work, etc. The list is endless, at every stage in life; we embrace various roles and responsibilities which should be balanced out to have a more fulfilling life.
·         Put God at the centre of what you do. God reigns supreme and it is important to keep Him at the centre of it all.


Incorporate all the above and watch your life be transformed. At Kyusa, we believe in cultivating disciplines in order to succeed in life.

Winning Attitude

 Awaken the winner in you by choosing to be optimistic at all times!
Winning attitude
Winston Churchill stated that “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity but the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”.One of the true secrets to success, not only for top entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals but for people of any profession from all walks of life is attitude. Therefore, the most important victory we need to achieve before we can win life’s many battles is to overcome self-doubts and develop a winning attitude.
Whenever a negative thought about yourself and your abilities eludes your mind, immediately cancel it out and declare it as unworthy, untrue and unrealistic; do not entertain it at all. It is imperative that you hold a picture of yourself as being competent, effective and successful. Hold that image firmly in your mind and do not let any self doubt erase it. Soon, very soon your mental picture will become your new reality. Try it; you’ll see!
KFC founder Colonel Sanders failed 1,000 times before he got a yes. He could have given up but he persevered. Always maintain a winning attitude even when you have failed at any venture that you may be pursuing; do not let failure define you. You can’t choose or control your circumstances, but you can choose your attitude towards your circumstances. 
The Kyusa experience is about positivity, looking within oneself and excavating that passion that is deeply buried; it’s about building onto what already exists and affirming it. Having a winning attitude is an aspect of Self management: this is a core aspect of the Kyusa curriculum covering self esteem, self evaluation, self confidence to mention but a few. Please join us on this journey to self discovery.
Choose a great attitude. Choose to win. Choose Kyusa.