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About us


Kyusa is a nonprofit in Kampala, Uganda that empowers out of school youth in urban slums to turn their passions into sustainable careers.  The organization addresses the lack of the economic opportunity for school dropouts through an innovative, holistic program. The program uses free online courses, mentoring, skills development and entrepreneurship training. Kyusa restores lost hope and dignity to youth who would otherwise never have an opportunity to positively contribute to the Ugandan economy. Kyusa is a registered NGO in Uganda and has been in operation since May 2014. By the end of 2016, 250 youth will have graduated from the Kyusa program.


Every youth empowered to reach their full potential


Empower vulnerable youth in urban slums and rural communities to become employable by developing develop passion driven sustainable careers.


  1. To empower youth to develop a culture of life-long learning through the use of ICT
  2. To empower youth to develop passion driven, sustainable careers
  3. To empower vulnerable youth with entrepreneurship and employable skills that equips them to become employable.

Target Group

Kyusa works with both males and females between the ages of 15 – 25 years. The youth we work with have dropped out of school due to lack of tuition but have a desire to build substantial careers. Majority come from orphaned homes or single parent homes while others are teenage mothers seeking to make a living for themselves and their babies. Many of the youth are responsible for providing for their younger siblings and ailing parents. The youth are at risk of being abused and exploited due to low self-esteem and lack of bargaining power. We also work with youth who have been forced to drop out due to academic failure but have amazing potential that can be turned into sources of livelihood.



The transition phase where a young person launched into the labor market whether formal or informal is becoming steeper by the day and many youth have been left on the sidelines. The unemployment rate for young people in Uganda ages 15–24 is 83%.

Business Acceleration

Business Acceleration

This program is modeled to impact young entrepreneurs at the micro and entry level especially those from vulnerable backgrounds and empowers them to standardize as well as scale up their businesses by increasing productivity, visibility, sales and profits.

Business Startup

Business Startup

The program’s main aim is to empower youth who have business ideas and those who don’t have any but have a passion for entrepreneurship and ability to start their own ventures. It is driven by research indicating the high value of proper business training and coaching for successful business and social entrepreneurship.