Silver Linning

It is greatly emphasized that “Every cloud has a silver lining”. A silver lining is a metaphor for optimism. Simply put, there is good in every bad! It is a huge bump on the road when one drops out of school and cannot continue with formal education for whatever reason. Most youth often feel like their dreams have been shattered, no more careers and all hope is gone. Well, Kyusa is here to encourage you that there is some good in being a school dropout: there is a silver lining on this dark cloud; don’t give up yet! Cheer up.
We believe that everybody is passionate about something and it is against this background that we empower youth to develop passion driven, sustainable careers. Being a school dropout does not eliminate or even reduce the passion that one has for something. We therefore encourage you to look within yourself and excavate that passion that is deeply buried; it’s about building onto what already exists and affirming it.
Kyusa looks to empower Out of school youth in urban slums and rural areas with employable skills, life skills and entrepreneurship skills including business development through our 8 weeks training program. We turn your mindsets of hopelessness to hope by encouraging you to take on passion driven careers that are able to earn you a living. So don’t lose hope; dream big!