Mind Your Business #2


The dictionary defines stock as a supply of goods available for sale in a store. It further defines it as supply of something available for use.

I love the latter definition most simply because it brings reformation to the thought that stock is only that which has to be sold.  Stock can even be that which I am going to use. Simply put the five different ideas I could have in possession are my stock.

The palest ink being much better than the most retentive memory, we ought to write. In this case we are dealing with a stock book.

Let’s have a look at a sample stock book

Date Description of The Stock Stock In Stock Out Balance
4th July 2016 Business Ideas for 2017 5 ideas ___________ 5 ideas.

This stock book gives us an experience of one who jots down her business ideas every time they come in and continues to write them down when she uses them. In this case, she did not use any ideas and this reflects in the number of stock recorded to have been released.

Your stock could be an idea, clothes, books or any item of possession. “The palest ink is better than the most retentive memory”. Write it down! It is much better to keep track of your stock that way.

The stock book is one of the essential business records in which change agents are trained as they go through the business development training under the Kyusa curriculum. It enables them keep track of their stock and in that way ably manage their businesses.