How To Build Effective Teams


Team community is doing life deeply with one another when providing services and every great leader needs a great team to achieve great goals.

First and foremost, when building a team; one needs to first identify the purposemore specifically in order to know the kind of people to look for.

Secondly, when you get into the field to look for the right people; you need to consider their character that is see evidence of honesty, a teachable spirit, humility and reliability. You need to also check if they have proven competence that is; you should do everything within your means to ensure that they possess the right skills that have been developed and refined over time.

In addition, the selected people should have a relational fit with the team leader as well as the other team members. This is mainly because it easier to do bidding with people that love you and vice versa.

Thirdly, each team needs a top quality leader who will keep it focused on the mission, ensure that the right people with the right skills are in the right positions maximize every team member’s contribution and emphasize communication so that all team members remain in the information loop.

Finally, you should build team performance by establishing clear goals and also rewarding achievements as you walk the journey to greatness!

At Kyusa, the youth are equipped with Team Dynamics skills which are included in the Kyusa curriculum so as to effectively work in teams.

I therefore encourage you to partner with Kyusa in raising generations of change agents who believe in team work being the way to get work done faster!