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A Go-Getter

The ability to stand by one’s word is in itself a gift not everyone possesses. It breeds a spirit of principle consequently enabling one stay on the right path towards the realization of their dreams.   Ephrance Nanyonga has been blessed with this gift. Passionate about swimming, travelling and nurturing people, the 20 year old, […]



One may have the most skills and greatest of strengths but such is an unfortunate man until they master how to use their skills as a raw material to earn them a living.   This vividly describes Andrew Ssemombwe before the Youth Outreach Program with Maisha &Kyusa. Richly blessed with cookery, electrical wiring, swimming & […]


Mind Your Business #1

By Ralph Karama Mind your Business! Is a statement I often hear. I then ponder and wonder what business these people refer to. The understanding many of us have of a business is one that sells cakes, clothes or even jewelry. Contrary to this, I believe our lives are our sole proprietorship.   Applicable to all businesses […]


Break The Cycle

Growing up, you desired to be wealthy. You were lucky enough to go through school, a chance you ought to be thankful for.    While there, you fought battles in your mind of how you would excel amidst the increasingly competitive world.   Soon enough school was done and you realized one of the ways […]


Quick Tips To Succeeding In Life By Kyusa Executive Director

As the  Kyusa February class comes to an end, we draw special attention to a talk made by our team leader, Noeline Kirabo to the change agents  at Jable training Centre in Bugolobi on how she has made it this far in life. ·         Know what you want; Not knowing what you want is dangerous […]