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Self Leadership

Whenever leadership is mentioned, most leaders think of their followers which is not the case. A leader must be able to lead in all directions that is; those above you, your peers and those below you in order to be considered an effective leader.Prior to that everyone needs to lead themselves first before they can lead […]


How To Build Effective Teams

Team community is doing life deeply with one another when providing services and every great leader needs a great team to achieve great goals. First and foremost, when building a team; one needs to first identify the purposemore specifically in order to know the kind of people to look for. Secondly, when you get into […]


Embracing Lifelong Learning

Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field – Dennis Waitley. There is no one who knows it all (except God). We are all ignorant of something at a certain time and this ignorance requires that we seek to know. It has been said what you do not know cannot hurt you. […]



Successful people do daily what mediocre people do occasionally. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines habit as ‘a thing that a person does often and almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing’ Habits can be positive or negative. They can either make or break a person. In life there are those things […]


Mind Your Business #2

The dictionary defines stock as a supply of goods available for sale in a store. It further defines it as supply of something available for use. I love the latter definition most simply because it brings reformation to the thought that stock is only that which has to be sold.  Stock can even be that […]



“Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy idea or goal”  – Earl Nightingdale. Many people today when asked what they desire in their lives will tell you they want to be happy. According to the fifth edition of the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, the word Happy has many definitions. I chose to go with […]


Young & Youthful

Being young is unique, it is special, it is exciting. I had an epic time as a young boy; having all the time in the world to worry about sweets and games. I still recall how we competed to identify the steepest hills so we could slide down the slopes in half-cut plastic cans. I […]


Kyusa September Class Rolls Out

It has been an exciting year so far and as we wind it down, we launched our last class and intake for 2015. The September class rolled out on 10th September with orientation and a week later the classes commenced. The class is running at the Bugolobi training center and has 15 students signed up […]


Kyusa celebrates Another Milestone

On 12thSeptember 2015, Kyusa celebrated yet another milestone by having 30 youth graduate from the program all at the same time. It was a great time of celebration and jubilation as we commissioned the youth to pursue their passions, dreams and make them a reality in a way that empowers them economically and positively impacts […]


Kyusa Takes Part In ICT Subgroup Meeting

The Executive Director attended the meeting for the ICT4D under the theme “Tactics to get your content right and hook the right audience”. The ICT4D is a subgroup under the National youth working group that meets every two months. The August meeting was hosted at the KCCA employment service bureau. The major highlight of the […]